Punya – December 2008

I have just spoken to my old friend Punya.  He lives in Boston in the US.  We went to Boston in 1980 with another friend, Vajradaka, to establish a center of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.  It was a long and difficult project – I am presently writing about the seventeen years I spent in the US working to set up the FWBO and the Western Buddhist Order.

Punya met and married Sucharita and they had a sone Alexander who has now grown and left home for college. All his life Punya has worked hard – as a house painter – to support his family and for the enjoyment of his work.

But now Punya is dying. He has been ill for a couple of years and knows that there is no recovery.  He seems in remarkably good spirits although it is hard to tell when talking to him on the phone. His speech is slow and measured, he speaks about the unusual experiences he is having (because of the lack of oxygen going to his brain he says) and of how much love he feels for the people in his life.

I would like to go see him one more time.