The Guhyaloka Buddhist Community – December 2008

Guhyaloka from the air

Guhyaloka is in the mountains, north of the Mediterranean holiday resorts of the Costa Blanca in Spain. We are located in a high valley surrounded by tall limestone cliffs. It is a wild and beautiful area, although the bustle of the coast is not far away.

It is a Buddhist community and retreat center for men – specializing in retreats of several months duration. The community of four men and several guests lives according to three main precepts – to deepen our realization of the Buddha’s teaching, to live a simple communal life, and to serve each other and those who visit us for solitary and group retreats. We have four solitary cabins and facilities for community retreat of up to twenty two people. Our annual program consists of a one month working retreat and a two week summer retreat open to all men, a four month ordination retreat for those joining the Western Buddhist Order, and a three month retreat for members of the Western Buddhist Order.

We aim to live a simple life, away from the busyness of city life and for this reason I personally feel a strong empathy with the Christian monastic tradition – even though our Spiritual Visions are quite different. The kind of issues that arise in our community – whether to meditate alone or communally, whether to focus on study or meditation, whether to be engaged with the world or removed from it – these are issues that we discuss regularly and this we seem to share with the whole of the Christian tradition.

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