To Bristol to see my Father – March 2009

On the 15th of February I had a phone message to tell me that my father had just been taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack. I took a flight the next day and by mid afternoon I was with him. He was doing well – the pain had ceased when he took a shot of nitroglycerin – but the doctors had diagnosed a substantial heart attack. After a few days and more tests it seemed that his heart had not been seriously damaged and after five days he was able to go home. Because he couldn’t drive or do any heavy work I decided to stay with him for several weeks.

This latest event has made me think much more about spending more time with my father who is now 87. This of course generates a conflict with my life and responsibilities at Guhyaloka and for several days I felt them very acutely.

My father is doing well now and is feeling increasingly lively.