Working Retreat and new community member – March 2009

During the month of February we held our annual month long working retreat at Guhyaloka. Six to Eight men joined Achaladeva, Bodhidaka, Khajit and the community for each of the four weeks – some staying with us for several weeks. Amoghavamsa was here for the full four weeks and each week one or more of his friends from Sheffield joined him. We had a program of meditation, four hours on building maintenance or forestry work, an hour of study, and the evening puja.
During the retreat Bodhidaka decided that he wanted to join the community. We were all more than happy about his decision. So we are now five full timers and one – Achaladeva – who will hopefully continue to be with us for three months a year. Khajit has decided that he won’t be staying past the beginning of April. As always there are changes in the community but I am very pleased that Bodhidaka will be joining us