New Land for One Year Retreat – January 2010

We have recently purchased a piece of land not far from Guhyaloka to use as a facility for a one year retreat for four or five men. It consists of several terraces running along the contour of a mountain with magnificent views. There are almond and olive trees as well as a variety of fruit and fig trees, grape vines and even a few bee hives. The land has been lovingly developed over the last twenty year by the previous owner and we intend to continue caring for the land and the trees. This year we gathered a few olives and produced 50 litres of first grade cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Apparently we can expect a tonne and a half of almonds.

There is a small house that could well be available for solitary retreats within a few months. Then we will improve the facilities and in a year or two have it ready for a year long retreat. The view from the land – and especially the terrace in front of the house (see above) is magnificent. It is on a rough and therefore quiet road that goes nowhere. Everyone who has seen the land so far has fallen in love with it.

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