Guhyaloka Working Retreat February 2010

We are on the fourth day of our annual working retreat. The five of us in the community are being joined by nine or ten men for each of the next four weeks. The plan is to have a retreat and get some work done at Guhyaloka. Without this help we would not be able to improve the facilities at Guhyaloka. Our old friend Amoghavamsa has come with some guys from Sheffield; Sanghapala is with us again; and Vajramati has come from New York. We have other friends – most of them ‘regulars’ – from England, Germany and Spain.
Bodhidaka’s crew is working on re-furbishing the almost defunct upper spring and tank to, hopefully, provide us with our own supply of fresh drinking water. Achaladeva’s is working on the forest, mainly clearing trees that were badly damaged in the recent blizzard.  Sadhita’s is currently building a patio outside El Morer and will be doing some much needed repainting in Bhante’s Bungalow and the hut that Vidyaraja has been staying in for the last seven or eight years. I am working at El Collao, with a crew painting the house, pruning vines and clearing out the settling tank for the water we collect from the road, which has become completely filled. And Vajrabandhu’s crew is of course keeping us well sustained with tasty food. As well as the work we are doing a couple of hours meditation and day, some study and a puja each evening. It is going well and everyone is appreciating the lovely weather, the mountains, and the tranquility of Guhyaloka.