Move to the UK July 2010

I have recently moved to the UK to live on a narrow-boat just two miles from where my father lives.  I have a pleasant mooring on the River Avon at Saltford, a pretty village just outside Bath.  My father is now 88 and I want to be able to help him out, so after a couple of years of consideration I realized that the only practical thing was to move back to the UK.  I hope to visit Guhyaloka for a couple of weeks every couple of months to keep in touch with the community and the development of the retreat centre – especially the developments at El Collao.

At present I am settling into my new life – working out how to help my father most effectively and sorting out the inevitable bits and bobs that need fixing on an old boat. After a series of breakdown on the river I’ve spent several days tracking down what turned out to be an air leak in the fuel system – at least I hope that is what it was – today I go for a run to test the fix.

I’ve had several visitors – Nagabodhi came to help me take my boat – which is called Tom Thumb –  to Bradford on Avon where I put it in dry dock to paint the hull below the water line.  Dhammadinna came to help me bring it back to Bath and Bodhiketu helped me bring the boat through the flight of locks in Bath. Last Weekend Saddhaloka and I made the intrepid journey into Bristol where we moored right in the centre of the city docks.  I have also had several friends visit me on the boat.

Living in a small space close to nature – in this case about a foot below the level of the river – has always appealed to me and I also enjoy the efficiency of a small, mobile home. To be honest I also enjoy fiddling about with engines and other practical things.