Planting a Seed

Planting a Seed

Planting a Seed tells the story, from my perspective, of the development of the Triratna Buddhist Community in the USA.

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How do you start a Buddhist movement? Charismatic teachers gather disciples by the thousand; Asian Buddhist organizations provide for the religious needs of immigrant communities; maverick monks trained in Asia set up temples of their own; eccentric Bohemians attract circles of devotees; academics ‘go native’ and preach what they teach. American Buddhism has become the most complex, some would say confused, form in the history of the religion.

In 1980 three of us from the UK went to the USA to establish a new Buddhist movement. We had neither charisma, the backing of a traditional order, financial support, or experience, but we did have enthusiasm, confidence and naivete. Planting a Seed traces the development of the Triratna Buddhist Community in the USA for the first 15 years but it is also a story of the sort of personal struggle that is involved in such a project. It also offers a glimpse into the world of American Buddhism in the 1980s and 90s.

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Preface[wpdm_package id=’1358′]

Chapter 1 – A New Direction – The circumstances of my decision to go to the US with Vajradaka and Punya.[wpdm_package id=’342′]

Chapter 4 – A Motorcycle Trip across country – A seven week trip across the US and back visiting Buddhist Centres and taking in the landscape and spirit of America. [wpdm_package id=’345′]

Chapter 6 – Fresh Start- The Domes in New Hampshire – In 1985 we purchased the twin domes in Newmarket to establish, Aryaloka a retreat centre and community. [wpdm_package id=’1484′]

Chapter 9 – Reaching out to the West Coast – Gradually we started to make contacts on the West Coast, particularly in the Bay Area. [wpdm_package id=’1488′]

Chapter 16 – Riding the Windhorse – In 1993 I left Aryaloka and a year later started distributing Windhorse Publications full-time. [wpdm_package id=’1491′]

Chapter 17 – Leaving the US – I left the US in 1996 and moved to Padmaloka in the UK. [wpdm_package id=’1493′]