Setting off – November 11th 2016

I finally set off from my home mooring in Saul Junction on the morning of December 10th – my father’s birthday. It was raining and I had to encourage myself to leave the security of the marina. One of my neighbours told me that when you are out cruising it is easy to delay departures, there is always something that needs to be done. So best thing is to choose a day and then set off whatever. So I chose Saturday the 10th and so I leave – in the rain. I also had a wet walk back to fetch my car which I needed to go to Bristol. Not a comfortable start.
I also discovered that because of tides and lock opening times combined with potential rain and consequent possible high flows on the river I needed to leave Gloucester harbour on Monday morning, get to Tewkesbury for Monday evening, and then wait until Thursday before an early start up river. Living on the waterways reminds you that you are not in control.
Tonight I moor in Gloucester docks, tomorrow I take my car to Adhisthana for safe keeping and on Monday I set out onto the River Severn.