The River Severn II – December 11th 2016

A rather uneventful sunny day cruising up the Severn as far as Upton, so that I can get to Diglis Lock in Worcester by mid day tomorrow, again I seem to be the only craft travelling on the water. The river is wide and was flowing slowly; there is not much to see except the naked trees along the river bank and the Malvern Hills in the distance. A few cormorants and buzzards sat like sentinels on the top of dead trees watching the river. They swooped down as I passed, gliding over the river or the land looking out for fish or small animals.
I’m moored on a pontoon against which some river debris has piled up – this includes a tree trunk, several large branches, and assorted rubbish. I do not relish the idea of a tree trunk colliding with my boat in the middle of the night.