Post Bleakness

And so it happened – over the course of the next month or so.

Firstly I decided to move on – to take the decision to physically move on. It was cold and on several days Stowford had to cut through a thin layer of ice but I enjoyed cruising the canal which ran through some lovely English countryside. Particularly I liked the Red Sandstone bluffs alongside the canal.

Secondly I committed to follow this life for a year – just to see what happened. Commitment dissolves doubt and doubt is certainly an element of ‘The Bleakness’ My spirits began to lift. I had some enjoyable contact with people along the way. I am always surprised how much a friendly meeting can completely shift my mood. I came across several very friendly and helpful people as I travelled.

Thirdly I decided to find a pleasant spot and stay there for two weeks. Eventually I moored next to the Bosworth Battlefield site with a wood one side of the canal and open fields the other. I meditated a little, read a little, walked and rode my bike – and, started to feel very happy indeed. I’d acquired some warm clothing and a waterproof jacket which helped my physical comfort and I started to rejoice in my simple free life. It wasn’t exactly just ‘chopping wood and carrying water’ like the old Zen master but it was simple and light. I felt free.

I was so confident about my new life that I gave up my mooring at Saul Junction. I was now not exactly homeless – I still carried my home with me – but I was placeless. I lived a wandering life.