November 21st 2017

Another pleasant day yesterday along the Llangollen, even though it rained heavily just as I arrived at the six locks by Grindly Brook. Fortunately a couple, who came from Bristol, helped me up through the three ladder locks and I was able to moor just before it got dark – they went on in the dark to Whitchurch. I’d had a bit of trouble with the flow along the canal. (The canal is fed from the River Dee and has a slow but perceptible movement that gets quite strong by the lock overflow channels.) I got caught on one of the mini-weirs at one lock and heard a nasty grind as the propeller hit the stone sill – it seems to have changed the tone of sound the boat makes but otherwise all seems well. On another occasion I got caught across the basin below the ladder locks trying to tie up to let the Bristol couple go passed. I’d also had trouble with two lift bridges. They have to be operated on the opposite of the canal to where one has to tie up. so, if you are alone it is not possible to leave the boat, lift the bridge, and return to bring the boat through. It requires all sorts of clambering about with the boat across the canal so that it can be used as a bridge when the bridge is up. This is a common problem with lift bridges – they are clearly designed with a crew of two in mind.