December 19th

After a day in Wrexham shopping, I came on to the canal basin in Llangollen – the end of the navigable canal (although there is a further mile or so that acts as a feeder channel from River Dee at the Horseshoe Falls.) And today (the 20th) I pottered about doing some jobs and catching up with myself. I plan to moor here for a week or two – great mooring – including, it seems, free electricity.

Llangollen is a great place to be at Christmas – an unspoiled old Welsh town – of dark stone but busy with local shoppers and lots of Christmas lights. It is surrounded by wooded hills dotted with houses – so that the lights in the houses make it look as if the hills themselves are decked with Christmas lights. Coming along the canal towards town there are some pleasant views of the valley across the River Dee.

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