I am 68 year old Buddhist who currently lives on a narrow-boat near Bath, UK. I am a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and when I can I visit Guhyaloka Retreat Centre in Spain. I lived for many years in the USA where I help found a number of Buddhist centers.

May 23rd 2020

A couple of weeks ago it was suggested that I move to Guhyaloka and take on the Chair fully – at least for a while. I could think of no reason why I’d want to do that, other than to be helpful in a difficult situation. But, as I mentioned before Vajrayogini did not endorse …

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May 5th 2020

Over the last few weeks I’ve been very occupied with Guhyaloka business – financial matters and planning because of the lock-down; preparation for our annual Council Meeting; correspondence with the three Preceptor’s College members who are giving direct support to the development of Guhyaloka; and some correspondence with Keturaja about an outstanding loan – and …

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April 17th 2020

Ratnaghosha and I started our retreat on the day the Spanish lock-down started. For us the only consequence has been that it is incredibly quiet here. Other than occasionally seeing our neighbours with their dogs there have been no walkers, there have been no planes flying over and there is no distant traffic noise. Yesterday …

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March 31st 2020

Ratnaghosha and I have just completed the second week of our three-month retreat. He arrived from Barcelona and Valencia on the day the Spanish lock-down started but I was able to pick him up from the bus station without any problem. The streets were very quiet, most shops were closed and the police were stopping …

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January 7th 2020

Our retreat has come to an end. On the Monday before Christmas Aryanaga, Vajrabandhu and I drove the mountain road to the castle/village of Guadalest – a gentle introduction to a busier world. On Christmas day we were joined by Graeme from Guhyaloka for a slap up Xmas dinner and on the 26th I took …

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December 4th 2019

Bear with me for the first couple of paragraphs – they are relevant to the later ones. The female genital theme has continued, partly supported, I imagine, by investigating Vajrayogini with the help of Locana’s book. I discovered that the image of an inverted triangle is the basis of Vajrayogini’s seed syllable Vam which of …

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