Reflections of a Non-believer

(The views expressed in this paper are entirely my own. Even though I am currently a member of the College of Public Preceptors this article does not in any way represent the views of other Public Preceptors, most of whom have in fact made it clear that they do not agree with my views. I … Read more

A Book Review

Gendun Rimpoche

Heartfelt Advice of a Mahamudra Master is a presentation of the teaching of Gendun Rimpoche, an eminent and delightful Kagyu master who established Dhagpo Kagyu Ling in the Dordogne, France. It is an outline of his teaching that is concise and clear, but which does not miss important nuances.

The Joy of Renunciation

Based on a talk given at the Western Buddhist Order biennial men’s convention, Padmaloka August 2007. Introduction Renunciation is not a popular topic these days. Even in the Buddha’s time many of his disciples didn’t follow his exhortation to Go Forth from the home into the homeless life, so perhaps it has never been a … Read more