The Goddess

Seven am, the pink sun recently risen against a steel grey sky. Boston in the depths of winter. A time when it seems like the cold will never end. When it seems like the sun will never warm the freezing air, or soften the frigid soil. New England, where the bodies and hearts of the … Read more

Strange Happenings on Acacia Avenue

Once I heard about a man who bought a house. He moved in with his wife and amongst the purchase papers he found a note saying ‘Congratulations on having become the owner of a Bodhi home. (It was a foreign company but they seemed nice people.) We hope you enjoy your new home. It is … Read more

Ms. Hamilton’s Story

Now I am old, and I look back with a cool mind. I was young, well educated and starting a life of my own. I can say without pride that I was pretty, tall, and slim, with a professional brightness and a rather endearing smile. Out of secretarial school and with a few years experience … Read more