Visit to Guhyaloka/Uttaraloka November 2016

After a few days with my friend Khemajoti on the Sharpness Canal, and a few days sorting things out I took the ferry to Northern Spain and drove South to Guhyaloka. I especially liked the province of Cuenca – it reminds me of the Rocky Mountains, although not so high the landscape is reminiscent of … Read more

Visit to Guhyaloka March 2015

I have just got back from a short visit to Guhyaloka during which time I moved my things from storage in the workshop at El Morer into the house that Peter has kindly offered me until 2024.  The house was in perfect condition and fully equipped. I will probably upgrade the electrics but otherwise nothing … Read more

Peter’s Generosity February 2015

Peter has been our neighbour at Guhyaloka for twenty years and came regularly, for a few days at a time, to read, reflect, and enjoy the tranquillity of the valley. Unfortunately because of illness he has recently had to give up his regular visits and has offered me the use of his house until April … Read more

Guhyaloka Summer Retreat August 2011

The Summer retreat at Guhyaloka was small in numbers but it made up for that in quality! Sadhita and I led the meditation and yoga (Sadhita did that – not me) and in the evenings we studied the five main areas of Buddhist practice – Mindfulness, Positive Emotion, Spiritual death and Rebirth, and Altruistic activity. … Read more

Guhyaloka Working Retreat February 2010

We are on the fourth day of our annual working retreat. The five of us in the community are being joined by nine or ten men for each of the next four weeks. The plan is to have a retreat and get some work done at Guhyaloka. Without this help we would not be able … Read more

New Land for One Year Retreat – January 2010

We have recently purchased a piece of land not far from Guhyaloka to use as a facility for a one year retreat for four or five men. It consists of several terraces running along the contour of a mountain with magnificent views. There are almond and olive trees as well as a variety of fruit … Read more

Working Retreat and new community member – March 2009

During the month of February we held our annual month long working retreat at Guhyaloka. Six to Eight men joined Achaladeva, Bodhidaka, Khajit and the community for each of the four weeks – some staying with us for several weeks. Amoghavamsa was here for the full four weeks and each week one or more of … Read more