The Goddess

Seven am, the pink sun recently risen against a steel grey sky. Boston in the depths of winter. A time when it seems like the cold will never end. When it seems like the sun will never warm the freezing air, or soften the frigid soil. New England, where the bodies and hearts of the Puritans froze hard. As usual she rode the subway train. Not one of the new ones, not like the ones they have in San Francisco, … Continue reading

Cesar Manrique

Window and lava

In December my father and I visited Lanzarote, the easternmost of the Canary Islands. Every day we visited one or another of the works of Cesar Manrique. The island has been very strongly influenced by the painter, sculptor, architect, landscape designer, and town planner. Continue reading

A Book Review

Gendun Rimpoche

Heartfelt Advice of a Mahamudra Master is a presentation of the teaching of Gendun Rimpoche, an eminent and delightful Kagyu master who established Dhagpo Kagyu Ling in the Dordogne, France. It is an outline of his teaching that is concise and clear, but which does not miss important nuances. Continue reading