April 30th 2021

Talking about Meditation Since I have been living at Uttaraloka I’ve spent more time meditating and consequently meditation experiences have been a larger part of my life. We all, I guess, like to talk about what goes on in our lives so the question arises about how does one talk about meditation. Meditation experiences are … Read more

February 28th 2021

Space-time is doomed A few months ago I listened to a some talks by Donald Hoffman who presents a clear and convincing case for our sense perceptions of space, time and objects being no more than a valuable illusion, a representation of Reality, but not Reality itself. He suggests that space-time and objects are the … Read more

January 30th 2021

I haven’t sent out any ‘sketches’ from Uttaraloka for some time. This is partly because I wanted to change the format of my e-mails – to include a few photos – and partly because I had been wondering about the content. I’ve previously mentioned that I was slightly uncomfortable about the way I was talking … Read more

November 30th 2020

Although I have been on a three-month retreat at Uttaraloka since the middle of October it has seemed a little ragged to me (although not to my fellow retreatants). I’ve had quite a lot of administrative work to do including one trip to Valencia and a couple to Alicante. But the net effect of this … Read more

October 31st 2020

I’m presently at Uttaraloka with Vasubandhu and Keturaja; Janaka arrives in a few days for a month and some time later Vajranatha will also join us for a month or so. Because of some cancellations and Covid-19 restrictions this Autumn’s retreat has been a bit ragged – rather less ‘contained’ than others – but the … Read more

August 30th 2020

In the middle of August I had my 74th birthday. I seem to be in reasonably good health but I do occasionally wake up in the middle of the night anxious about the prospect of getting seriously ill, physically incapacitated, or confused by dementia. Death, or perhaps I should say a painless death, seems far … Read more

July 23rd 2020

A couple of decades ago (inspired by a Leonard Cohen song) I wrote: The Dakini whispers Through cracks in the wall That’s how the light gets in. A week or so ago I was waiting for the kettle to boil, pondering on the nature of time. The past is clearly not real, does not exist, … Read more